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Create temporary Box

Create temporary Box

A temporary box is included in the Essential, Growth and Enterprise license pacts. If the function to create this box is inactive, contact the administrator of your idgard® account. The administrator can assign permissions to you. A temporary box is automatically deleted by the system along with the contents of the box after a certain time (in days) after its creation. The time of deletion can be changed by the creator of the box. You can recognize a temporary box in the box overview by the clock icon to the left of the box name.

If you cannot create a temporary PrivacyBox, you do not have the access right. Contact your administrator.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the "+" symbol in the green bar
  2. Select the option "temporary Box”
  3. In the tab “General”, give the temporary Box a name
  4. The name must not contain more than 64 characters
  5. It must not end with a dot
  6. It must not contain the following characters: /, \, ? ,* ,:, >,|,$
  7. Click on "Create Box"
  8. Open the 3-dot menu in the green bar
  9. Open the "Properties" tab
  10. Select the option "Temporary Box deletion date" and enter the desired date. If it is not possible to set a desired time, please contact the Admin of your idgard® account.

Save your settings.

You can create up to 2000 Boxes for each user. Once the temporary Box is deleted, so will be all data contained in it. This makes the temporary Box especially suitable for subordinate activities, such as voting and discussions. You can also use temporary Boxes for temporary storage of e-mail attachments, provided that you use the Outlook Add-in for idgard®.

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