Define general settings

Define general settings

To define general settings:

1.   Select the hamburger menu icon in the top app bar.
The side bar is displayed.

2.   Select the Settings symbol .

3.   Activate the toggle switch for the Play notification sound function if new uploaded files or new messages shall trigger a notification sound on your mobile device when the app is open.

4.   Activate the toggle switch for the Vibrate on notifications function if new uploaded files or new messages shall trigger vibration on your mobile device when the app is open.

5.   Activate the toggle switch for the Document warning function if a warning symbol shall be displayed in the top app bar when files are opened outside idgard with a third party app. The warning message reads: Important safety information! If you open documents for editing in another app, then these documents can possibly be synchronized with Google app.

6.   Select Send your feedback if you want to provide feedback regarding idgard.
You are forwarded to the web site of the idgard service center and can search for articles or create a ticket.

7.   Activate the toggle switch for the Biometric function if you want to store the access to idgard via a biometric procedure.
If you activate this function, a confirmation dialog is displayed.

8.   Activate the toggle switch for the Keep session if you want to keep the current session when closing the app and you want to reopen it without newly signing in. If this function is deactivated by your organisation, then the toggle switch has a gray background and cannot be activated.


The settings in idgard are independ of the individual settings of your mobile device.


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