idgard® app for Microsoft Teams: Share a Box

idgard® app for Microsoft Teams: Share a Box

Box link

You can only use this feature if you are the Box owner or manager and also have permissions to share a Box.

You use the “Share Box” feature when:

  • You would like to grant an external guest without an idgard® license “one-time access” to download documents or

You would like to allow an idgard® user with a license from another idgard® account permanent access to the documents in this Box.  Please note the following: Each PrivacyBox you create is sealed. If you want to use the “Share Box” function, it will not be sealed any more. The Box is opened as long as you enable access to this Box. ( access contingent > 0)

The administrator must give the permission to share a Box to a full license user in the idgard® web app. If you would like to share the Box with someone, they will be given “one-time access” to download documents, provided that they do not have an idgard® license. After the quota of accesses is exhausted (access contingent = 0), the Box is automatically resealed and the link will no longer be valid. The administrator of your idgard® account may enforce the use of a pass code. This feature can only be configured in the idgard® web app.

Proceed as follows:

  Every time users without a license use the Box link, it is documented in the member area of the Box under List of users with one-time access .”

  • Open the Box.
  • Open the Share function.
  • Select Share Box link .”
  • Define the number of accesses. The number of accesses depends on the number of people who will access this Box link. After using the link, the number of accesses is counted down with each click. If only one person will access the Box contents just one time, set the number of accesses to 1.
  • You may have to activate a Pass code in order to use the secure 2FA method. The sender of the link must forward this pass code to the recipient by a different means (by telephone, SMS, e-mail, or via a chat channel in Microsoft Teams). 
  • Save your settings and a Box link will appear.
You can pass on the Box link to the recipient via Microsoft Teams. To do so, insert the link into a chat channel. The recipient clicks on the link and the login screen then opens in the browser. The user can also paste the link in the address bar of the browser.

 You can also share a Box with users of another idgard® account. Since they already have a license, this Box will be permanently added to their Box overview or the homepage of the idgard® app for Microsoft Teams after they use the Box link. The user can now permanently access the data in this Box with the permissions you grant them in the member area of the Box.

When a user clicks on the Box link they received, two login screens are displayed. If this user does not have a license on file with idgard® and they are only supposed to download the contents of one Box/Data Room, they use the left screen to log in to idgard® . If the user has a license in another idgard® account, they use the right login screen to log in with their login data.

To increase security, a new Box link can be created for a new access. You can seal the Box again by setting the accesses to 0. If you increase the number of accesses, save the corresponding change, and open the Box again, you will receive a new Box link. The previous one will no longer be valid.

Each access by a user without a license is documented in the member list of the Box under “One-Time Access users.” You can close access to an active session by clicking Cut off access.” 

Screenshot of the member list:

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