idgard® iOS App: Provide objects offline

idgard® iOS App: Provide objects offline

Objects for use offline

When you use a Box in offline mode, all files are backed up solely to storage areas on your device to which only the idgard® iOS app has access. This means that a copy of the data residing in idgard® in the Box will be created on the iPhone or iPad. This can be handy if you expect to require access to the data when you are in locations with a limited Internet connection. You can deploy entire boxes or folders in a box offline.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Tap “Settings” in the footer.
  2. Switch to “Data and Storage.”
  3. Tap “Offline Mode.” The offline storage mode deletes all locally saved data.
  4. Select “Auto-sync” so that the contents in offline Boxes will be updated when you log back into the idgard® iOS app in online mode.
  5.  If you tap on a box or folder longer, you can set the desired box or folder offline. A pop-up window opens. Tap the "Available offline" option. You can see whether a box is available offline by the fact that this object is colored gray. A folder that is available offline is marked with an arrow.
  6. This enables you to access the Box content when you log into the app in offline mode.
Manual synchronization of the box is done via the "cog icon" in the upper right corner.

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