Move objects within a box

Move objects within a box

There are 2 methods to move a file, folder or message. You can use the "Move" function or move these objects using "Drag&Drop". If you want to move the objects of others, you need the right of a creator or administrator of a box. To move your own objects, you need at least the "Write" right.

Drag & Drop method

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the name of the file
  2. Keep the mouse button pressed
  3. Hold down the mouse button and drag the file to a folder on a higher hierarchy level. Use either the directory tree on the left side of the file view or the folder path above the file view.
Move method

  1. Select the file to be moved in the checkbox
  2. Open the menu with the "Documents" icon in the upper toolbar
  3. Select the "Move selected objects" function
  4. Specify the path of the destination folder. If the file is to be moved to the top level, select "Root".

This method allows moving the file in a folder of any hierarchy level.  If you move a file to another folder, there must not be a file with the same name in that folder before. 

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