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Uploading files

Uploading files

You can upload one or more files up to a size of 5 GB.  For a fee, we can increase the size limit of 5 GB for you.  You can only upload files with the "Write" permission. There are two methods with which you can upload files to a box. You either use the Drag&Drop method or you upload files to the box using the "Upload" function.

The following characters must not be included in the name of a file. |*?\:<>/"&

Proceed as follows:

  1.  Click on the "+" icon to create new Boxes.
  2. Select "Upload files"
  3. When idgard® accesses your computer, select the file(s)
  4. Enable uploading

You use the mouse button to drag and drop a file from your computer into idgard®.

  • When you upload files, a progress bar appears. Even if it shows 100%, wait until idgard® switches to the file view. Only then are all files uploaded. You can hide the pop-up window with the progress bars. You can still follow the upload process via a hint in the left sidebar.
If you want to upload a very large file, set the time of your session to a higher value. 

If you upload files larger than 25 MB, you will receive a message that the antivirus scan is not possible. This message has no effect on the further upload of the files. This message is also displayed if no sealed antivirus function is booked. 

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